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How Do I Get Started?

Finding your family history can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Where do I start, what do I need, how do I organize the process, and finally, what do I do when I am done?

That's where a professional genealogist can help. Suppose you want to find out who your great-grandparents were? Easy, right, just ask your parents. But wait, they passed away a few years ago, and there aren't any family members to help. They left a few scrapbooks, but most of their things were thrown out when their house was cleaned.

Here are two approaches:

  1. I can do the work for you. Starting with what you already know, I will outline a plan to search available sources and execute it for you. Although there are never any guarantees because your ancestors may not have left any "tracks in the snow," more and more records are becoming available all the time.

  2. I can teach you how to conduct the search yourself. Here is how it works. I will meet with you to look over your information, and help you develop a custom plan for how to proceed. Usually, that leads to a series of sessions, over a period of months, where I can "coach and instruct" you in research methods, citation skills, software use, and organization. In the end, you will learn more about your family AND learn more about genealogy.

How to start? Easy, just click on the Contact Me link above, and I will get right to work!

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