Initiating Your Genealogical Journey

Venturing into the realm of family history can often appear as a daunting task. Questions such as “Where should I begin?”, “What resources are required?” “How can I effectively organize my findings?” and “What steps should I take upon completion?” are common among beginners.

Professional genealogical services can prove invaluable in navigating these complexities. For instance, if your objective is to uncover details about your great-grandparents but direct familial sources are unavailable due to the passing of your parents and the subsequent loss of their belongings, professional help becomes essential.

Offering Two Tailored Solutions:

  1. Comprehensive Research Service: With your information, I will formulate a detailed plan to search through available resources and conduct the research on your behalf. While it’s important to acknowledge that definitive outcomes cannot be guaranteed—given the unpredictable nature of historical records—the increasing availability of digital archives enhances the probability of discovery.
  2. Empowerment through Education: Should you undertake this exploratory journey independently, I am here to facilitate your endeavor. Our initial consultation will involve a thorough review of your information, followed by developing a bespoke plan tailored to your research goals. Subsequent sessions are designed to enrich your skills in research methodologies, citation standards, software utilization, and data organization, ultimately equipping you with the knowledge to uncover your lineage.

Beginning Your Quest

To initiate your genealogical exploration professionally and precisely, please select the “Contact Me” option above. I am prepared to dedicate my expertise to your service.

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Here is a sample Family History (learn about my Grandfather)

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Here is a sample Client Report with links to a Revolutionary War patriot:



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The Roach Family

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